The Elephants Adyar-renovation Newsletter nº1

Hereby you receive Newsletter # 1 by The Elephants – Adyar renovation.

This newsletter will regularly appear and report on the construction and renovation work at the Adyar estate and the state of the fundraising business. You are kindly requested to share this first newsletter with others; General Secretaries please send it to all members.

Adyar Theatre

On the final day of the 2014 annual Convention, international president Tim Boyd pledged that the following year, during the 2015/2016 Convention, the Adyar Theatre would most certainly have a brand-new roof. The project was flawless; it was going to be semi-permanent roof, instead of the well-known and traditional palm-leaves and aluminium corrugated sheet roof that every year was newly constructed and dismantled directly after the convention.

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