Newsletter Theosophical Society, Adyar – Marzo 2019 (en inglés)

Adjuntamos la newsletter de la  Theosophical Society, Adyar -del mes de marzo de 2019, por si fuera de su interés, dado que contiene información sobre eventos y el mensaje del presidente Tim  Boyd en videoblog.

Está en inglés.


in 2019April 19 – 21, Adyar, India
96th South India Conference – Easter Conference
The Real Purpose of the Theosophical SocietyMay 5 – 8, Himalayan Study Centre Bhowali, India
Indian Section Youth Camp
By Bro. Shikhar Agnihotri and S. U. Mahesh

July 19 – 23, Wheaton, Illinois, USA
133rd Summer National Convention (TS America)
Seeking Eternal Truth – Inspirations from the Secret Doctrine

July 25 – 28, Wheaton, Illinois, USA
International Theosophy Conferences (ITC)
Theo-Sophia the Integral Wisdom – Returning to the Source of Science, Philosophy and Religion

October 12 – 13, Athens, Greece
International History Conference

October 13 – 18, ‘Green’ Hotel Negroponte, Greece
European School of Theosophy
REINCARNATION – Science and Ancient Wisdom Tradition

November 9 – 12, Manila, Indonesia
Indo-Pacific Conference
Let Your Light Shine

December 31, 2019 – January 5, 2020, Varanasi, India
144rd International Convention
NOTE the venue is in Varanasi, the Headquarters of the Indian Section
(not at Adyar)



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On 21st January the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Sri Sankaracharya Sanskrit University, Kaladi, and Adyar Library Research Centre (ALRC) was signed. The signing of the MOU and Mr Boyd’s address to the University assembly had an excellent effect. The entire audience praised the major role played by the TS in the revival of Sanskrit and the great spiritual heritage of India, which has the underlying ideal of Universal Brotherhood and the Cosmos as a family. (extract from The Theosophist of March, of Theosophical Work around the World).

Friends of Adyar are active

A succesfull «Naturalists Conclave» took place at Blavatsky Bungalow, Adyar, on 23-24 February 2019, with 22 speakers covering special topics: Natural History, Ecology, Biodiversity, Selected Individual Species, Bird Studies, Tree Cover in Chennai, Reclaiming the Adyar River and the Beaches. Altogether ther were 140 participants. Organized by ANEC (Adyar Nature and Environment Centre).

On the pictures below the Head of the Garden Department,Dr Devadass, giving a talk.
Dr Srini Srinivasan (the main organizer) with a Reporter. The stage at Blavatsky Bungalow with new lecturn and screen. Participants on Saturday and the closing on Sunday.
Program of the Conclave (pdf)

Pooja for Adyar Theosphical Academy

To start construction work for the Adyar Theosophical Academy (ATA).


International President’s videoblog