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The Theosophical Society, Adyar

eNewsletter, May 2019

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Mission of the Theosophical Society is
To serve humanity by cultivating
an ever-deepening understanding and realization of
the Ageless Wisdom,
spiritual Self-transformation,
and the Unity of all Life.


144th International Convention


Nurturing the Divine Seed

Please note this time the International Covvention is being held in Varanasi, the Headquarters of the Indian Section

30 December 2019 – 5 January 2020
Plan on participating in the Convention, as this is a unique opportunity to meet your fellow Theosophists in North Inida. Rates will be announced by August.

International Youth Convention



27, 28 & 29 December 2019

is being held at Adyar, India

Last winter the International Youth Convention was held at Adyar with good participation and sincere and joyful activities. The focus was on group discussions and practices. This will also be the case for the upcoming Convention. The theme will be defined soon.
This Convention takes place at Adyar 27 – 29 December.
WhatsApp: +91 6362440972


The Theosophical Society is starting ATA in June at Besant Gardens. This has been recognized in Newspapers like:
The Hindu, «Theosophical Society to start a school», link
The Times of India, «On Transformative Education – Take it seriously when a child plays», pdf-link
Brochure describing the meaning and value of ATA, pdf

Music, Culture

Music in the Park

In Chennai, at the Theosophical Society on 19 October 2019

From The Hindu article:
«SRF, and SPIC MACAY will jointly present Music in the Park in Chennai with the venue support from the Theosophical Society Adyar and The Hindu will be the Media partner for the same. October 2019 will witness the first concert of the Music in the Park series in Chennai. Pt Jasraj has agreed to perform on October 19, 2019.
The whole article in The Hindu

Breaking Boundaries Choir

The Children’s Choir, lead by Srinivas Krishnan, rehearses at the LBC dining hall, at Adyar. A choir of 30 young singers will come to the International Convention at Varanasi to give a special concert in January.


July 19 – 23, Wheaton, Illinois, USA
133rd Summer National Convention (TS America)
Seeking Eternal Truth – Inspirations from the Secret DoctrineJuly 25 – 28, Wheaton, Illinois, USA
International Theosophy Conferences (ITC)
Theo-Sophia the Integral Wisdom – Returning to the Source of Science, Philosophy and Religion

October 12 – 13, Athens, Greece
International History Conference

October 13 – 18, ‘Green’ Hotel Negroponte, Greece
European School of Theosophy
REINCARNATION – Science and Ancient Wisdom Tradition

November 9 – 12, Manila, Indonesia
Indo-Pacific Conference
Let Your Light Shine
International President Tim Boyd as Main Speaker

November 18 – 29, ADYAR, India
School of the Wisdom Session
Subject is on Dialogue
by Paul Sylvan from England

December 27 – 29, ADYAR, India
International Youth Convention
Studies and interactive groups

December 31, 2019 – January 5, 2020, Varanasi, India
144rd International Convention
THEME: Nurturing the Divine Seed
the venue is in the Headquarters of the Indian Section Varanasi (not at Adyar),

January 9 – 22, 2020, ADYAR, India
School of the Wisdom
Deeper into Meditation
Ven. Olande Ananda from Sri Lanka

January 27 – February 7, 2020, ADYAR, India
School of the Wisdom
Mrs Elena Dovalsantos


earlier called The South India Conference, was organized by the Kerala Federation. It so happened that three international officers were present. The KF Secretary Dinakaran addressing the Conference at the Podium.

Mr Gerard Brennan, the President of the Indo-Pacific Federation, and Prof. C. A. Shinde, Interntional Speaker from Adyar, visited Sri Lanka to give some lectures and meet members. They visited also some Temples and saw the many statues of H.S. Olcott.


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